Welcome to byoa

byoa is a new app ecosystem where the apps are NFTs that you install into your crypto wallet by minting them. byoa apps may be plugins to other web3 apps, stand-alone apps, or cookies.

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What's byoa?

byoa (bring your own algorithm or app) lets you install apps, plugins, and cookies into your crypto wallet to control and enhance your UX in web3 and the metaverse.

We believe that the metaverse is first and foremost about interoperability and personal property rights and freedoms. byoa helps maximize these foundations by putting you in control of your UX in web3 and the metaverse.

Check out byoa in depth for a fuller introduction. Or, read our whitepaper for full details.

Discover byoa

Install apps into your crypto wallet from the first byoa app store. Check out Mallows, the original byoa NFT project and official mascot of the byoa ecosystem. Or join the developer program and help build byoa apps and the byoa ecosystem.

Explore the App Store

The first byoa app store allows you to install byoa apps into your ethereum crypto wallet. You can then use your apps on any web3 app that supports byoa and, soon, on your personalized crypto homepage. And, we plan to launch a browser plugin that adds byoa support to any page.

Visit the app store.

Discover the Mallows

The Mallows are what started byoa - they are the genesis NFT and official mascot of the byoa ecosystem. Each one is unique and generative in their art, and have rare and fun attributes such as the one above that is attending "mallow-con". Each Mallow also contains a toy byoa algorithm.

Learn more at https://mallows.xyz.

Develop byoa Apps

Want to start building your own byoa NFT apps and algorithms, or launch a new byoa app store? Or, want to help us grow the byoa SDK? Check out our github: https://github.com/web3-byoa.

Is byoa for me?

byoa is for everyone.You don't need to be a developer to take part in the byoa ecosystem. Anyone who has an ethereum crypto wallet may install and benefit from byoa apps.

So, if you're a developer, byoa is for you.
And, if you're a crypto loving web3 native, byoa is for you.
Lastly, if you're anyone and reading this, yup, byoa is for you too.

Examples of byoa

byoa means that you are in control of experiences wherever you may go in web3 environments.

Naturally, one might ask: "what can I control?" Our answer is: "everything".

A byoa NFT can offer almost any functionality that you can think of, much like a traditional app can offer a wide range of functionalities.

We imagine you could have byoa NFTs that do:
* color blind correction
* mental health moderation
* advanced analytics of data on a page
* process payments securely
* be a social network
* act as a fun game

There is no limit to what you can do.

In the byoa future, web3 apps and the metaverse provide data and an initial user experience, and then your crypto wallet provides your own data and apps to control and enhance your personalized user experience.

Where does byoa work?

Your byoa NFTs are fully decentralized. They exist as ERC-721 Ethereum NFTs in your wallet, and their data is stored decentralized on platforms like IPFS. This means any place you can bring your wallet, you can bring your NFTs.

That's why byoa NFTs can be designed to work in a variety of places. From a web3 app like Uniswap, to a web2 app injected like Twitter, to a gaming metaverse like a Decentraland.

For some of these places, the host would need to choose to support byoa, and we expect many will, but it's also possible to apply byoa into many places without needing the support of the host.

You should be able to own your experience wherever you go in web3 environments, and byoa NFTs help enable this future for you.